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The Thinking Machine sculpt by Surajit Sen

Quick Sculpt_by Surajit Sen


Curly_Smile_by Surajit Sen

Professor _by Surajit Sen

Quick_Sculpt_ Hindu Saint _by Surajit Sen

"Ching " - The Sumo by SurajitSen

"In Salvation" - concept sculpt by Surajit Sen

International l_ Yoga _Day 2018_Sculpt_by_Surajit Sen

Artvsartist_Surajit Sen

Dwayne Johnson_3D Porttrait by Surajit Sen


Holi Artwork by Surajit Sen

Horse head_Quick_Sculpt_By_Surajit Sen

Quick_Sculpt_By_Surajit Sen

Human_Head_sculpt_by SurajitSen

Aphrodite - Stone finish Sculpt_by SurajitSen

Human_Skull_Sculpt_By_Surajit Sen