Recent Completed Projects

Recent Completed Projects

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Head Sculpt-R and D - by Surajit Sen

Work in Progress -

R and D with Exposure control, temperature, displacement map and cavity map.....and the result is.......;)
R and D with more reddish tone!!!!
"Work in Progress"-
I like the ear-Shader application-working with BUmp-Displacement Maps.

 Polypainting -TEST/UI

Closed Paint test_SS
  •  Clay application -Work in progress Human Head shape -RND
  •  Closed check_Sculpt_with Topology-Work in progress_1

  •  Hair Sculpt test_Work in progress_SS1
  • 360 Degree _Check Work in progress    
  •  Basic Human Head _ Rough sculpt-WIP.....