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At last I finalize my concept of this  Competition. First of all...I have prepared the overall pipeline for this work, which  I will strictly follow. Before start to  work on  the characters  I preferred  research  on Preproduction  to clear the  concept I actually want to create.
The main character is  a Female.
As as per the requirement I have divided the Character analysis in this following divisions :
  • Over all concept /analysis of the Character.
                                                        I.            Name - Aurora
                                                      II.            Age - Young
                                                    III.            Weight -121 KG
                                                    IV.            Height-6.75 ft
                                                      V.            Head type -Mesocephalic- Intermidiate
                                                    VI.            Skin complexion - Fair
                                                  VII.            Body type  - Curvaceous , Big breasts, Puffy leaps, high hips
                                                VIII.            Hair - No
                                                    IX.            Eye Color - Green
                                                      X.            Nature - Soft
                                                    XI.            Genre - Non-Biological Extra Terrestrial
                                                  XII.            Positive part -Peace Loving
                                                XIII.            Negative part -Still not decided
                                                XIV.            Supernatural power : Transform her outlook according to her desire or likeness
                                                  XV.            Goal - Still not decided
                                                XVI.            Dress - Still not decided
                                              XVII.            Fingers- Still not decided

  • Basic female skeleton study
  • Standard proportion of Female Character
  • Various Proportion study - Head unit
  • Experimenting with the Mannikin frame.
  • Muscle flow study
  • Body parts analysis
  • Dressing the figure
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language and posing, line of action, Gestures
  • Character light and mood light decide
  • Composition
  • Practicing sketches
  • Huge female character references study
I decided the head length  9" and height  is 9 headed. So approx height of the character is 6.75 ft.
Here I am Sharing some of my character study works  with Rough sketches. I have always followed Burne Hogarth, Glenn_Fabry and Andrew-Loomis anatomy study materials.
I have started the basic model.Next update will be posted  soon.

Today I have started  " Aurora's""torso sculpting. Here are Work in Progress snaps.

Here is a updated Work in progress of Aurora torso sculpting.

Today I have done the basic sculpt of Human Brain sculpt.Here is a Work in Progress snap.

Just create the basic shape of Human head's shape. Focusing on model's silhouette.

Now start sculpting with this head…..:)

Head sculpting ….Work in progress……
Experiment with eyes part…..Sculpting is going on…….;)
 Now I have merged the head with Torso! I am working with final sculpting, anatomy correction-reshape  in this model as per my concept.
Retopology done!....Now need lots of work....... final sculpt,create props as per my concept…..lets see…;)

Work in Progress of Aurora!!
Working with Hard surface and cleavage part of the body....:)

Head Guard sculpting on going…..

Work in Progress!!
Aurora is now standing there!……now I am thinking about painting….;)
Lets see.....

Work in Progress!!Polypainting is going on ……here are some snaps ….:)

Work in Progress....Polypainting…

Final snap

Thank you
@Surajit Sen.
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