NUBIA_ Cinematic Character _ A real-time portrait_ Breakdown by Surajit Sen

Hi, this time I am going to introduce you a real-time portrait " NUBIA ".The main focus was that to R&D for create a Photo realistic CG character. Here I am sharing some WIP snaps with basic work flow of this Character. I hope you all like it, critiques are always welcomed.

I have studied lot of African men face anatomy, hair, skin information.

Nubia is an African Man, Age approx-41-45 Years. Street Worker,happy behavior.

I used these following softwares for different stages. 

Basic block/Rough sculpting /Form / For hair (Fibermesh) / Sculpting -Zbrush

Final model creation / Unwrapping - Maya
Texturing and Lighting-Shading - Rendering - Mari,Photoshop and Maya Arnold
Comp - Photoshop

I created the basic blocking clay sculpting in ZBrush. With a sphere I started ,and continued creating the basic form of the head. For this process I have frequently used some brushes like Clay brush, Clay buildup , Move Brush ,Trim Brush....etc.
Here are some snaps from scratch.

After finishing the blocking process, I started the final model in Maya. I preferred to do Retopology in Maya in case of face or any complicated model. For face topology I normally focused in face anatomy and muscle flow.

Some WIP snaps of modeling.

Now time to unwrap. I did the unwrap in two UV layouts. I kept the facial part in one layout and rest in other. For dress I kept in one layout.

Now I started my favorite work sculpting in ZBrush:) My main focus was to create the realistic output so studied lots of skin information, skin layers..etc.

I frequently changed brushes, strokes and alpha as per skin variation. I love to play with the values of Curve depth, Alpha mid value and Intensity curve.

Some closeup snaps.

Overall look of the character after sculpting.

For texturing I used Mari and Photoshop.

I have decided to use Maya Aronold for shading -lighting-rendering. So I created different maps for Arnold Skin shader.

I have used maps for skin from Hypodermis Subcutaneous fat to top layer of skin like Oily Sheen layer. For sculpting information I have use Normal Map. I thought to use Displacement map, but lastly I changed my mind. I played with the value of Gamma nodes for maps in Maya.
Print screen in Maya.

For hair and light fur in dress (mainly edge )I used Fibermesh in Zbrush.
I have used simple lights. My main focus was an ambient light without any hard shadow. I used an indoor dull HDRI image for Arnold Dome light. Three another Arnold area lights as Key, Mood and Back light. One target light used to focus only the face.

I did not much change the render setup in Arnold, except the Gamma value, Camera and SS value. Composed with diffuse ,Z depth, Specular and RGB passes in Photoshop. Final snap of Nubia after Composition.

Thank you for your time.
Hope you like it...:) I am not an expert I am trying to do better.

Thank you

Surajit Sen.
3D Modeler I Character Artist I Digital Sculptor I Texture Artist
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